“You Should Listen To This Today” (part 27)

Two Singers the World Will Miss!

Sadly, the world is a little less soulful in 2015 with the passing of Percy Sledge and Ben E. King. Both of these vocalists made you feel the soul in their music and they will be missed. Sledge is best know for 1966’s “When a Man Loves a Woman” the song that has made generations of adolescent males tempt charges of trespassing and vandalism to declare their love for the girl who doesn’t know they exist by defacing public property. King recorded “Stand by Me” in 1961 and after recording 13 songs with the Drifters. You may recall this song from the 1986 film of the same title that featured River Phoenix and some guy from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Or, if you’re like me you remember it playing on the jukebox while you pumped nickels into an illegal slot machine while your dad shot pool with some guys mom told him he couldn’t hang out with anymore. Shiny nickels. Either way you’ve heard those hits, now here’s two more you haven’t heard in a while:

This Percy Sledge classic was also written by our good friend Stephen Allen Davis. You can check him out as well at this link: http://www.stephenallendavis.com

This Ben E. King monster song is a personal favorite!

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