As the story goes Pickett was in Muscle Shoals in 1968 looking to cut some songs with the formerly (F)amed group of recording artists there. Supposedly there was a lull in the action when a hippy (and recent addition) from Florida suggested they cut a cover of a Beatles song – one less than a year old mind you – with some soul. The result cut the total length of the song from over seven minutes to just a hair over four and added a soulful back, patented Pickett shriek, horns and at about 3:57 into the song a blistering guitar solo by….Duane Allman. Pre Allman Bros. but fully chopped (facial hair and guitar wise) Allman rips out the sound that would define his band, and southern rock for all time. Have a listen:


Not convinced? A guy named Eric Clapton called that one of the best sounding rock guitar solos ever:



Allman – known at that time by the moniker “Skydog” (cuz why not?) – has an impressive history on his own to be covered in subsequent blog posts. Muscle Shoals Sound Studio went on to record the Stones in some of their most southern moments and Lynard Skynard.

If you’re like Duane Allman, you’d rather be pickin’. Buy the shirt here.

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  • Matt Warren June 24, 2014 at 05:21

    This is a solid subject for a blog and a solid write and a solid read. I had no idea this was here or that we could do this. Good job Bradshaw! Picked one near & dear to my heart having written for the Hall’s for upwards of 6 years. Keep up the good work!!


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