Online Community

United We Jam (UWJ) was founded in 2012 as an online distribution community for singers, songwriters, artists and everyday people who just love music. The thought behind starting this online music community was to create a place where the average Joe could connect and collaborate with other musicians as well as professional musicians, artists and songwriters across the globe to create and listen to music. UWJ is also an outlet for independent artists to showcase their talent and sell their music to fans. In addition, fans and artists can post videos, comments and communicate with others. Our goal is to simply unite the community through music. UWJ will also host online contests and promotions throughout the year so stay tuned!

Independent Record Label

United We Jam is also an independent record label, launching our debut artist, Matt Warren (link to Matt’s site). Matt Warren’s album, Self-Titled, is scheduled to release summer of 2013. United We Jam Records signed Matt Warren and began working on the album in March of 2012. UWJ Records is always looking for new and fresh talent as they plan to expand their roster in the months ahead. You can email your demos or work-tapes to:

United We Jam Merchandise

United We Jam has a creative, musically-oriented line of t-shirts. Our apparel is easy to wear with fun themes that typically are a play on words, objects or music. Currently, fans can choose from six t-shirt designs that are sold online and in two store locations (The Label in Nashville, TN and Pattywhacks & Co. in Houston, TX) with more store locations, designs & merchandise coming soon.

Who We Are

United We Jam was created by NFL lineman Daniel Loper. Loper grew up in Houston, Texas where he began playing football at an early age. He attended Texas Tech University on a football scholarship where he graduated with a degree in Exercise & Sports Science. Loper was a 5th round pick in the 2005 NFL Draft by the Tennessee Titans, where he played for four years. He then went on to play for the Detroit Lions, Oakland Raiders and the Dallas Cowboys and he is currently a free agent.

Loper had a love for music at an early age and decided to launch the company with a friend in 2012 when they saw a void online for aspiring musicians and music lovers to come together to create and appreciate music. They saw the need and United We Jam was born. The idea expanded when Loper decided to fund the debut album of friend and independent artist, Matt Warren. This began the independent record label, United We Jam Records. The UWJ t-shirt line is the creative work of Loper and his light-hearted sense of humor mixed with his love of music. His goal is to create t-shirts that music lovers want to wear. Loper resides north of Nashville with his wife Jennifer & their two children.